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Managed Print Services

Retail Managed Print Services

You work in a complex environment that is constantly changing – employee turnover, seasonal impacts, new technology and an ever-evolving supply chain. But through it all, your success depends on keeping one thing in sharp focus – your customers.

An unmanaged output environment leaves retailers with sprawling fleets of devices with multiple vendors, models, supplies and service contracts. Frequent failure of outdated equipment and an over-burdened help desk can bog down store operations and drive up expenses. Having an output strategy is crucial for enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

Conducting a PrintLogix Print Assessment is important. We’ll evaluate your current environment and determine the right placement and right devices to meet the needs of your stores, distribution centers and headquarters. Reliability is always important, especially for core applications that you depend on daily, such as printing and publishing of signs, shelf strips and labels.

Manage your print environment everywhere

From stores to headquarters to distribution centers, PrintLogix supports your business.

Managing print infrastructure across many locations can be a burden to store operations. Your employees need to spend time with customers instead of dealing with equipment failures and ordering supplies. PrintLogix Managed Print Services supports efficient store operations by creating a solution specifically for your needs.

We’ve helped many of the nation's retailers:

• Reduce or eliminate on-hand supplies inventory to free up capital
• Reduce print-related help desk calls–enabling valuable IT resources to be focused where they’re needed
• Identify and resolve IT and process issues utilizing detailed fleet data