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Managed Print Services

Legal Managed Print Services

Wherever you are today with managed print services, the flexibility of PrintLogix MPS allows you to start where it makes the most sense for your practice. We make it easy to optimize, manage and streamline your document environment.

Law practicies often have sprawling fleets of output devices from multiple manufacturers. Outdated equipment breaks, which leads to work disruptions and more help desk calls. Maintaining situational awareness on a hodgepodge fleet of devices can be difficult.

To help solve this problem, PrintLogix Managed Print Services (MPS) platform features thoughtful placement of the right devices in the right places. Our implementation plans are built on industry best practices and recognize the needs and nuances of different types of practices. We help you reduce the overall number of devices that you are required to support and maintain.

Smart Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) play a key role in creating a productivity platform for the future. Intuitive icon-driven processes can be initiated right from the touch screen, creating a bridge between hard-copy and your core business systems.

PrintLogix thorough Print Assessment and deployment processes will have your optimized environment up and running faster than you may think.

Why PrintLogix Managed Print Services?
• Reduce or eliminate on-hand supplies inventory to free up capital
• Smart MFPs digitize and automate processes for improved response time and satisfaction
• Standardized user-friendly interface maximizes employee productivity