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Go Green

PrintLogix Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

PrintLogix Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

• Toner Cartridges

Our remanufacturing partner has developed a closed loop environmental process to ensure that every component of the used cartridges we collect is either remanufactured or recycled.

• Closed Loop Environmental Process
It is the only remanufacturer in the industry that has a grinding facility to recycle unusable cartridge components into new plastic products. This end-of-life process is the last step in CES' proprietary closed loop solution.
Closed Loop Environmental Process

• End-of-life 6 Step Grinding Process

Step 1
1. Cartridge inspection - All inbound units are inspected and designated for remanufacturing or grinding.

Step 2
2. Cartridges disassembled - End-of-life units are disassembled.

Step 3
3. Cartridges sorted - Components (plastic, blades, gears and PCR drums) are sorted for recycling.

Step 4
4. Grinding - Cartridge plastic is inducted into the grinder to produce plastic regrind.

Step 5
5. Plastic ready for reuse - Plastic regrind is reused in various injection molding processes.

Step 6
6. New product development - New product is created utilizing post-consumer waste which completes Clover’s closed loop process.

We provide our customers with collection solutions such as downloadable pre-paid shipping labels, recycling containers, and free pallet pickups. Customers will receive a payment each month for units processed in the previous month once the accumulated value of their returns exceeds a $50.00 minimum.