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PrintLogix Managed Print Services

According to Gartner Research – Printers continue to be one of the last unaudited expenses in corporate America today.

PrintLogix Managed Print Services enables you to maximize efficiency, gain visibility, and obtain control of your printing. You only pay for the pages you print, while simplifying your printer fleet maintenance and consolidating your equipment to eliminate multiple vendors and redundant expenses. PrintLogix Managed Print Service can reduce your printing and document output costs by up to 30%.

To learn more about the benefits of PrintLogix Managed Print Services see the video below:



Opportunity Overview

PrintLogix is not just another vendor but an extension of your business. By allowing us to focus on the management of your print devices, your company can focus on its core business initiatives.
Everyone within your organization will benefit by implementing PrintLogix Managed Print Services.



PrintLogix Print Assessment

The PrintLogix print assessment is a highly disciplined quantitative and data driven approach that gives us a comprehensive overview of the entire document infrastructure. This allows us to create a step by step plan for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Print Assessment

You can't improve what you can't measure – receive a FREE PrintLogix Print Assessment to measure your true cost of printing.

Our Process

Flexible Options

PrintLogix Plans

Managed Print Services is not a one size fits all solution. Every organization is uniquely different. The equipment, service agreements, warranties, lease arrangements and procurement practices, just to name a few. You may want to cover all of your equipment or just certain devices or elements of your print infrastructure.

PrintLogix offers a broad portfolio of flexible plans and managed services designed to best meet the needs and requirements of your company.

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  • PrintLogix Print Assessment
  • Automatic Supplies Fulfillment
  • Consolidataed Billing
  • Webportal Access
  • On-site Service
  • Service Help Desk
  • Parts and Maintenance Kits
  • White Glove Service
  • Cost Per Page Billing
  • Blended Cost Per Page
  • ExpressPrint
  • EZPrint
  • PagePlus
  • PrintPlus

Closing Information Gaps Everywhere

Industry Solutions

As organizations struggle to link centralized services with remote locations, connect mobile workers and tame the “big data” deluge, they face a frustrating disconnect between people and information. PrintLogix industry solutions closes the gap that leaves information unavailable and unproductive. Our solutions intelligently adapt hardware, software and services, as a single, comprehensive platform to tackle your particular information challenges. We use innovative thinking to connect data across your enterprise.

Retail Solutions
Healthcare Solutions
Education Solutions
Banking and Finance Solutions
Banking and Finance
Manufacturing Solutions
Legal Solutions

Unparalleled Service

Nationwide Service

Nationwide White Glove Service

If your device is in need of service across town or across the country, our White Glove on-site service is unparalleled, with over 389 highly skilled printer technicians.

Whether you have 10 or 1000 printers, your PrintLogix service agreement has you covered. Our monitoring software will notify us when your device is in need of attention. In most cases, we will know before you that an issue exists. An alert will be sent identifying the problem.

Helpdesk Services
Our helpdesk located in Irvine, California, is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Phone Triage
Our highly trained support reps will be able to diagnose the problem and assist your staff in solving your equipment problem quickly and efficiently.
If on-site service is required, we will dispatch the technician with the parts needed so that the repair can be made on the first trip.

On-Site Service
Depending on your level of service, your technician will arrive either the next business day or within 4 hours from the time that the call was placed.
Our White Glove Service includes all parts, labor and emergency service. It also includes a cleaning and preventive maintenance on the printer being serviced.
Service Map

Go Green

Environmental Sustainability

The next few decades are pivotal for mankind and for the planet. According to the United Nations, by the year 2050, global population will grow to nine billion people – all needing access to healthy food, clean water, sanitation, shelter, mobility, education and healthcare.

To build a better world, we all must change the way we live, work and play. For our part, we will do what we do best: innovate, adapt and collaborate. We must both lead by example and work with others to help lead the transition to a more sustainable planet and society.

Although the number of pages printed is on the decline our usage is causing some dangerous consequences to our environment and natural resources:
• The average office worker prints 34 pages per day - 17% of those pages are never used
• A typical office printer produces 100 lbs. of waste each year
• It takes three quarts of oil to produce one laser cartridge
• Over one million print cartridges are used every day - less than 20% are ever recycled
• It takes 450 YEARS for a cartridge to decompose in a landfill.
• It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton for copy paper.
• The typical office worker consumes 10,000 sheets of paper per year. A case of paper takes 60% of a tree to make
• A medium sized printer will consume 1583 kilowatt-hours of energy each year with an average cost of $94.00.

We are committed to minimizing our own footprint and to delivering solutions that help our customers and the rest of society do the same.
• Minimize our carbon impact
• Prioritize remanufacturing, reclaim as much reusable material as possible
• End-of-life processing for all assets collected that cannot be remanufactured
• Industry's only grinding operation focused on the reclamation of raw materials from end-of-life laser toner cartridges
• Remanufactuer and recycle all North American collections in North America
• Exceed global industry practices for responsible materials recycling and final disposition of electronics products

By partnering with PrintLogix we can help your company achieve its environmental sustainability policy and reduce its carbon footprint.

To read more about PrintLogix environmental sustainability – go to our Go Green initiative page.


Solutions Partners

PrintLogix is vendor neutral. Our objective is to provide the most cost effective & productive document output environment for your organization. To do so, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers and software providers in the industry. This allows us to deliver the ideal equipment and management solutions for your business without compromise.

We work very closely with our manufacturers, Partner Managers and National Account Managers enabling us to leverage programs, pricing and discounts your company may be entitled to. If you don’t currently have an agreement, we can establish one for you.

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